Argan Oil

dermorgwoman Argan Oil is one of the world's most precious oils, a beauty secret women of the Moroccan desert have known for centuries. It is used locally as a food source, a cosmetic, a topical ointment, and for cooking. Argan oil is sometimes called "liquid gold", and is believed to be one of the reasons Moroccan women maintain supple, radiant skin even as they live in the dry climate.

. treeThe Argan tree is native to the region of southwest Morocco. In the early 2000's there were only 6000 Argan trees in the world. The Argan forest became a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) nature preserve and an aggressive plan to grow the forest put into place. In recent years, the Argan forest has expanded to well over 12,000 mature trees and growing.

. fruitThe Argan tree grows a small fruit, inside which resides the Argan seed. Goats love to eat the fruit of the Argan tree, and you will find that they climb on top of each other, just to get a bite! The Argan forest is a wholly organic forest, with no artificial fertilization or pesticides permitted.

. coldpressThe Argan seed is cold pressed to release the oil. The Argan tree blooms twice a year from which the Argan fruit is harvested and cold-pressed by hand. Argan oil used in DermOrganic® Hair and Skin Care products is certified to the highest quality standards, harvested by hand in Morocco, and derived from naturally occurring, actively re-cultivating fields.

. . berber His Majesty The King of Morocco has made the Argan cultivation industry a women-only business. The women of southwest Morocco have banded together to help teach the cultivation of the Argan fruit and preserve the traditional cold-pressing of the Argan oil. The larger purpose of this initiative is to help elevate the socioeconomic status and improve literacy rates of the women of Morocco.