Great Hair. No Flakes.
          That's the ZEAL Guarantee.

          ZEAL combats all 5 types of dandruff: (pardon our interruption this is a work in progress, incomplete)
          • P.Ovale and malassezia are very common protozoa that live on human skin. Skin regenerates every 7-10 days, but in some cases these protozoa interfere with natural formation of new skin, which then causes exfoliation on the scalp in larger than normal pieces. With 1% Pyrithione Zinc, ZEAL sends these protozoa on the run to allow for normal skin regenerative process.
          • Dry Skin is caused by any number of environmental factors. It is common in the winter, but could be the result of genetics or biology, chemical irritants, hair dryers, even air conditioning and heating units. With a combination of Natural Moisturizing Factors and Panthenol B5, ZEAL replenishes from the outside the natural moisture your skin needs inside to help ameliorate chapping and flaking.