Organic Explained

In recent years use of the word "organic" has become regulated by various governmental agencies around the world. In the USA, "organic" is a legal term that refers, in part, to agricultural products grown without pesticides and handled, processed and sold in a special manner.

In the context of cosmetic products the word "organic" does not have a lot of meaning. Very few cosmetics are truly "organic". The only products that can be called "organic" are products made with at least 95% organically grown agricultural ingredients, such as pure Argan Oil sold for cosmetic purposes. The Unites States Department of Agriculture (USDA) created the National Organic Program (NOP) program to help clarify the meaning of the word "organic". The NOP had previously only applied to foods. But in 2002 they amended the law to allow for cosmetic products that are made with at least 70% organic agricultural content to advertise as "made with organic ingredients" on their labels. In addition, products made with 95% or more organic agricultural content can be marketed on label as "organic" and may affix the USDA Organic Seal on the outer package.

While each DermOrganic® brand product contains at least one organic ingredient, at this time only a small number of them are formulated to the 70% or more standard. DermOrganic® products are not labeled as "organic" or intended to be represented as "organic" nor sold as "organic". Dermorganic® is a federal trademark granted by the United States Patent & Trademark Office in 1996, as well as in the EU and other countries, and is part of our company name DermOrganic® Laboratories, Inc. which was chartered in the State of California in 1995. The regulations defining the use of the word "organic" changed sometime after the formation of our company and the use of our trademark. We are currently looking at converting some of our products to one of the 70% or greater standards of certification, and we will update this website when more information is available.

-Stephen Mastey, President & Founder, DermOrganic® Laboratories, Inc.
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