ZEAL Fights All
Types of Dandruff

ZEAL Fights All Types of Dandruff


      Don't risk eczema, psoriasis and hair loss: treat dandruff now.
      Shedding skin is natural. Rapid scaling of the scalp is not. Do you see large flakes? Does your scalp feel itchy? You may have dandruff. Left untreated, dandruff can lead to more serious conditions.

      Surprisingly, many cases of dandruff are caused by the use of harsh cleansing agents such as sodium and ammonium laureth sulfate found in typical shampoos. Although their lovely lathers clean hair quite well, they're much too harsh for sensitive skin. Harsh surfactants disturb skin growth, inhibit enzyme activity, and strip the hair and scalp of vital moisture and protein.

      No other shampoo comes close to ZEAL's gentle effectiveness. Instead of sodium or ammonium laureth sulfate surfactants, ZEAL contains a mild moisturizing cleanser that is significantly more gentle. Because it is a pure moisturizing cream, continued use of ZEAL keeps your hair and scalp soft, vibrant, and flake-free.

      The growth of P.Ovale and Malassezia on the scalp prevent the proper formation of surface skin, which results in unnatural shedding and irritation. Shampooing regularly with products containing harsh surfactants may create a feast for yeast, Pityrosporum Ovale, and the fungus, Malassezia. Research shows that harsh shampoo ingredients can break down scalp protein -- providing a fertile feeding ground for dandruff causing parasites.

      Zinc Pyrithione, the #1 ingredient used in the fight against dandruff, helps defeat P.Ovale and Malassezia colonies to prevent the flakes before they can ever start.Allantoin, a natural skin soother, helps alleviate the itch and flake and help the skin heal faster. Importantly, ZEAL contains several proven ingredients that fight these organisms. EFA Lipids have been shown to prevent the growth of P.Ovale in vitro.

      ZEAL's unique, mild cleansing system preserves the integrity of skin to help eliminate the food source these scavengers require. No other dandruff shampoo compares.

      Ever had a "bad hair day?" Changes in the weather cause the hair scalp to lose moisture. Cold, dry winter air and exposure to heat can cause skin to dry and flake. Other causes of dry scalp include prolonged use of blow-dryers, alcohol-based styling products, and a sensitivity to strong shampoo surfactants.

      Formulated with a complex of Natural Moisturizing Factors, anti-oxidant vitamins, EFA lipids, and a mild moisturizing cleanser, ZEAL reverses the itching-flaking effects of dry scalp dandruff. No other dandruff shampoo contains as many natural, ingredients for the health of hair and scalp.

      Sometimes people just have thin skin. Thin scalps exfoliate more rapidly than average. Flaking occurs when new skin layers push the top layers off before they're fully formed. Thin skin is also more sensitive to shampoo surfactants, alcohol, and excessive heat, which can lead to other types of dandruff. ZEAL provides a mild yet thorough cleansing of hair and scalp. Our unique cleansing system promises a much lower irritation potential than other shampoos. Added Allantoin and Vitamin B5 have been shown to help damaged skin heal better. And all these ingredients promote greater elasticity to the scalp, making Zeal the effective product to prevent this very common cause of dandruff.

      Have you got a rash on your scalp? Does it often appear oily? Your sebaceous glands may be working overtime! If your body detects dry skin, it will produce oil (sebum) as a protective layer against dehydration. However, if too much sebum floods your scalp, proper skin cell formation is prevented. Above red spots, large yellowish flakes appear more noticeable than other types of dandruff. ZEAL contains many Natural Moisturizing Factors like PCA, Vitamin B5 and Sodium Lactate that are natural to the human body. Once absorbed, they help balance the moisture level of skin. Only then can the sebaceous glands safely slow production to reduce redness and inflammation. For this severe scalp condition, we recommend you shampoo, rinse & repeat daily with the appropriate ZEAL shampoo for up to 14 days to see best results.

      If you suffer from symptoms of redness, swelling, sensations of heat and itching, you may have of eczema or dermatitis. Many cases of contact dermatitis are caused by harsh cleansing ingredients. Your doctor may recommend a specific treatment for you, but you still have to wash and clean regularly. Its gentle and soothing ingredients make ZEAL an excellent shampoo and body cleanser for daily use. Psoriasis is an accumulation of rough skin, often appearing in patches around the elbows, ankles & scalp. Researchers believe this may be a biological, hereditary condition that causes the skin to rapidly form in thick patches. Your doctor may recommend a specific treatment for you. ZEAL's gentle cleansing system makes it an excellent daily cleanser used in conjunction with your doctor's recommendation.

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