ZEAL Shampoo 3-Pack

ZEAL Shampoo 3-Pack

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        What is ZEAL?
        ZEAL is a gentle medicated shampoo formulated with 1% Zinc Pyrithione. Its mild cleansing cream gently washes away dirt, oil, and dandruff flakes while treating the scalp with proven anti-dandruff elements. Unlike traditional dandruff shampoos which are made with sulfates and salts, ZEAL cleans the hair and scalp without assaulting delicate balance of moisture and keratin a healthy head of hair needs.

        How often should I use Zeal shampoo?
        Use ZEAL at least twice a week or as recommended by your doctor. For maximum control use every time you shampoo. ZEAL is gentle enough to use everyday. The mild cleansing cream won’t strip color or dry out your hair. The combination of vitamins, lipids, moisturizers, and protein makes hair healthier, shinier, and more manageable. If you have never used ZEAL before, then we recommend that you shampoo, rinse and repeat every day for the first 3 days. Then, use ZEAL as often as needed to maintain a clean, smooth, flake-free scalp!

        How do I use ZEAL?
        Wet hair and scalp with tepid water, then massage ZEAL shampoo with your fingertips onto your scalp for about 1 minute. Do not scratch the scalp. Rinse & repeat for more effective results as needed.

        What makes ZEAL so gentle?
        Other shampoos contain surfactants (detergents) such as sodium laureth sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate. Certain types of surfactants can over-clean, stripping away vital moisture and breaking down structural protein which can result in in dandruff type flaking and itching. But ZEAL is different. ZEAL is made with a mild moisturizing cream cleanser rich in natural EFA lipids to protect your skin against dryness and flaking. This unique cleansing system naturally softens and hydrates the hair and scalp without the irritating effects of other cleansers.

        Can I use ZEAL on my face and body?
        Yes! ZEAL's unique cleansing base is much gentler than many soaps and body washes. Sensitive skin will love how the mild-acting lather cleanses the skin without stripping, drying or irritating. Skin suffering from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis deserves a silky soft wash.

        If I use ZEAL Shampoo, can I use other brands of conditioners & stylers?
        Yes. We recommend that you use only water-soluble conditioners & styling products. Always hold hairspray at least 12 inches away from the scalp and never apply conditioners or styling aids directly on the scalp unless recommended by your doctor.

        Should I see a dermatologist before using ZEAL?
        If you want to, or if your doctor has advised you to consult before using new products. But for most people it is not necessary. ZEAL is a breakthrough treatment that is considered gentler on sensitive skin than regular shampoos – even other dandruff shampoos. ZEAL is also medicated, containing the #1 proven ingredient in the fight against dandruff. ZEAL is recommended for both men & women with various types of scalp problems because of its natural, beneficial ingredients. Feel free to ask your dermatologist how ZEAL can benefit you. If after two weeks of continued use as directed the condition does not improve, it may be symptomatic of a more serious problem. In this case we recommend you consult with your doctor or dermatologist.

        Will ZEAL handle the damaging effects of swimming?
        It’s important to remove chlorine, salt, & other minerals from your hair & scalp after swimming. Minerals & other elements in the water can dry the scalp and damage your hair and its color. Salt, chlorine, and other water-borne elements can cling to the scalp and prevent proper skin formation. Use ZEAL after swimming to eliminate build-up and revitalize the hair.

        Is it okay to shampoo every day?
        With ZEAL, yes. Avoid using very hot water when cleansing the hair and scalp, as this can dry the scalp and contribute to itching or flaking. Just adjust your shower temperature to tepid while shampooing and rinsing the hair. This will help alleviate irritation to sensitive scalp.

        Can I still blow dry my hair?
        Yes, but we recommend you do not set your blow dryer to high heat. It is best to use cool or warm settings to preserve hair moisture & prevent scalp dehydration.

        Can I still color, perm, or straighten my hair?
        Yes! ZEAL will not interfere with any salon services. ZEAL has no salts or sodium chlorid and is perfectly safe for color treated and Brazilian Keratin bond hair. If your hair feels damaged or straw-like after coloring or perming, try ZEAL Shampoo Healthy Hair Conditioner to restore softness and shine.

        For more information visit the ZEAL website at www.NoFlakes.com

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